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If Advantage Multi, also known as Advocate, would kill ticks as well, then this would be the only product you would need to prevent and control all of your pet’s common parasites.

This product is a heartworm preventative, treats and controls gastrointestinal nematodes, mites, mange, kills adult fleas and is effective if you are battling a flea infestation. Keep in mind that it can take 6 weeks or longer (longer in cooler temperatures) before all fleas in your pet’s environment are killed.  

Advantage Multi demonstrates excellent water-resistant properties, but wait 4 days after application before shampooing your pet or allowing your pet to swim. Washing your pet with shampoo as often as once a week, may reduce the effectiveness of the product against fleas.

It is recommended to start heartworm treatment before your dog or cat is 6 months of age. Give your pet heartworm preventative year round or during the mosquito season. Keep an eye on the temperature; the heartworm larva requires approximatly 2 weeks of daily temperatures at or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit to develop inside the mosquito before your pet can become infected. The larvae stop developing when temperatures fall below 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you don’t have any mosquitoes in the house, where temperatures are usually higher year-round.

Signs & Symptoms of Heartworm Disease; coughing (with or without blood), weight loss, fainting, congested heart failure.

CAUTION – Dogs and cats, older than 6 months of age, should be tested for an existing heartworm infection prior to administering any heartworm preventative. These products are not effective against adult heartworms.

CAUTION – Advantage Multi should not be allowed to enter surface waters as it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms. Dogs should not be allowed to swim in surface water for 4 days after treatment.

CAUTION – Although side-effects are rare, caution should be taken when giving moxidectin (avermectin derivative), the active ingredient in Advantage Multi, to the following breeds; Collies, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdogs. These breeds have a “mutant” gene (MDR1) that prevents the complete metabolization of moxidectin. This can lead to this drug reaching toxic levels in the brain. Reduce the risk of accidental ingestion by separating avermectin sensitive dogs during and after application. Ensure that they cannot lick the product from the application sites on themselves or other treated dogs for 30 minutes after application.

CAUTION – There is always a risk of developing parasite resistance to a parasite preventative when used for a long period of time. We recommend that fecal tests are run once or twice a year to determine the efficacy of the product.

CAUTION – Avoid using this product in debilitated, sick or underweight pets. Always read the package insert before applying any parasite preventative or consult with your veterinarian.

Advantage Multi for Dog(Known as Advocate) OTC Green - Small Dog 1-10lbs (Less than 4kg) 3.00Advantage Multi Green 3PK for Dogs 1-10lbs
Advantage Multi Green 12PK for Dogs 3-9 lbs. (Rx)

Advantage Multi for Dog(Known as Advocate) OTC Teal - Medium Dog 11-20lbs (4-10kg) 3.00Advantage Multi Teal 3PK for Dogs 11-20lbs

Advantage Multi Teal 6PK for Dogs 11-20lbs

Advantage Multi for Dog(Known as Advocate) OTC Red - Large Dog 21-55lbs (10-25kg) 6.00Advantage Multi Red 3PK for Dogs 21-55lbs

Advantage Multi Red 6PK for Dogs 21-55lbs

Advantage Multi for Dog(Known as Advocate) OTC Blue-Extra Large Dog 55+lbs (25kg+) 3.00

Advantage Multi Blue 3PK for Dogs 55+lbs

Advantage Multi Blue 6PK for Dogs 55+lbs

Advantage Multi Turquoise 3PK for Cats 2-5 lbs.

Advantage Multi Turquoise 3PK for Cats 2-5 lbs.

Advantage Multi Turquoise 6PK for Cats 2-5 lbs. (Rx)

Advantage Multi for Cat (Known as Advocate) OTC Orange - Small Cat Under 9lbs (Less than 4kg) 6.00 
Advantage Multi 3PK for Cats under 9lbs
Advantage Multi 6PK for Cats under 9lbs
Advantage Multi Orange 12PK for Cats 5-9 lbs. (Rx)

Advantage Multi for Cat (Known as Advocate) OTC Purple - Large Cat -Over 9lbs (4kg -10kg) 3.00Advantage Multi 3PK for Cats over 9lbs
Advantage Multi 6PK for Cats over 9lbs

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