Welcome to CharityVote, where you can find products at a great price and at the
same time earn money for your charitable organization.

CharityVote is a similar concept to the PetSmart’s “donate a dollar” at the check-out.
CharityVote donations, however, are deducted from the money you have
already spent on purchased pet products or personal items. CharityVote also has the added benefit, that you choose the organization where your contribution goes to.

Pet Supplies; includes links to Jeffers Pet Supplies, US Pets, PetCareChoice, Total Pet Supply, Pet Mountain, Amazon Pet Supplies, Dog Bed Supper Store, Emery Cat, Havahart Wireless Dog Fence, Embrace Pet Insurance.

The different pet-supply companies specialize in different products. This is why we have included a list of recommended products that our associates and the veterinarians we work for, use on a daily basis.  

Personal Care Products; Avon (Skin-So-Soft),

Special Occasions; Mother’s Day & Gifts for Her, Father’s Day & Gifts for Him.

Kids Corner

Baby Items

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