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From My Family to Yours…..

 I was just like you and millions of others. I had a dream, a vision, a drive to succeed — but I lacked self-confidence.     family on vacation 

It felt like I was in a rut and doomed to repeat the same old routine every day for the rest of my life. I would come home from yet another day at work feeling bored, tired, and fed up. Yet what did I do the next day, and the next…? I went back to the same old job just follow the same routine and not get appreciated by the same old boss. Does this sound familiar? I thought so! One day I decided to stop the daily grind and put an end to my dread of going to work again in the morning. I decided to take a chance on fulfilling my dream — did my research, did some math, saved up a small nest-egg and took a chance.      

It’s been a few years since that day, I no longer have to suffer a boss. Instead, I’m able to enjoy spending more time with my children, my bills are paid, I have cash in my pocket, a business of my own and a smile on my face.      

I am not going to lie — I didn’t find a “get rich quick” scheme to share with you. I wouldn’t recommend quitting your  job tomorrow (if you have one!). I can’t spoonfeed any sugary promises of guaranteed success, but I can share with you how I turned my love for animals into a rewarding home-based business.     

I did find the fortune I was looking for — in terms of money, lifestyle and enjoyment — and feel the need to share this with others in the same way numerous others have shared their information to success, with me. Along with the importance of family, we need to help each other in these times of hardship and high unemployment. I want to do my part to show you a relatively easy and quick way to build a successful home business so you can enjoy financial security and enjoy life to the fullest, as I do. Yes, I discovered that it really is possible to have a thriving home-based business with minimal investment, risk and overhead costs. I was able to turn my love for animals into my sole source of income. Part-time. Low cost. Negligible risk. Looking for different ways to supplement my income, I stumbled across How to Make $250 a Day Pet Sitting by Claudia Wolfkind. I decided to download this ebook and it turned out to be the best purchase I ever made. The manual showed me — step-by-step — how to manage, grow and expand my business to include 5 states. I learned how to attract the right people to work for me. The manual also provided my business with the necessary legal, licensing and insurance forms. I’m convinced that this is the best way to get a pet-sitting business up and running in the shortest amount of time.       

It’s also important to realize that this is a healthy, inflation-proof, recession-proof market to be in as more and more pet-owners turn to professionals for help. A recent survey showed that over 71 million households in the US alone own one or more pets. You can take advantage of this market as I did. Here’s a valuable resource that will help you find clients and potential business partners: Directory of Pet Sitters and Pet Sitting Assignments — worldwide!      

Get ready to kick-start your own business by first learning the inside secrets to running a successful business. Gain the knowledge you need to start your own profitable business, secure in the knowledge that you’ll avoid any newbie mistakes. Run your business professionally and profitably. Start a low-cost, easy-to-operate business that is financially rewarding and allows you to be your own boss.      

To be fair, there are three other great ebooks that I’ve also read and would recommend to help you figure out what makes the most sense for you: Pet Sitting Business, Doggy Bakery Business and Doggy Day Care Business.      

Click on the images to learn more about all three of these ebooks.      

Pet-Sitting Manual
Pet-Sitting Manual


Doggy Day-Care
Doggy Day-Care


Doggy Bakery E-book
Doggy Bakery



 Here’s is a “must have” for anybody      

 starting their own pet-care business:     




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