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Below, you will find the links to pet suppliers, who we know and trust,
that will provide your charitable organization with much needed
donations. We have also included the products, our associates, purchase
from these suppliers.  These same products are used by your veterinarian (not
including homeopathic products).

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US Pets: Pet Supplies for Less      Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventatives. 
      Prescription, OTC and homeopathic medications.
      Dental products.


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      Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventatives.
Diabetic Supplies; glucometer, lancets, syringes.
Digestive Care; laxatives, K-Pectin, Probios, homeopathic digestive aids.
Ear Care; cleaners, medications.
Eye Care; Angles’ Eyes, Clear Eyes for dogs and cats.
First Aid Products; thermometers, chew guard, antiseptic ointment, DMSO, Flys-Off ointment, homeopathic NaturVet Electrolytes.
Bone, Joint & Muscle Care; Cosequin, Glycoflex, MSM, Multi-source glucosamine, Recovery EQ, S3 granules & tablets, Duralactin.
Liver Disease; Donosyl, S-Adenosyl.
Shampoo/Conditioners; Chlorhexaderm, Epi-Sooth, Malacetic Shampoo, Omega EFA Shampoo, Vedco Aloe & Oatmeal (allergy relief).
Skin Care; DMSO, Omega EFA Capsules, Omega Tri-V, ResiSooth, Topical Fungicide (ringworm), Udder Balm, Homeopet Hot Spot.
Supplements; Dermaquin, EicosaDerm, Meg-A-Cal, Pet-Tinic, Quinicarn, Welactin 3 Equine, Cholodin (geriatric care).
Training Aids; anti-bark spray, bitter-yuck, catnip spray, chew guard, quick-release muzzle, coprophagia (poop eating).
Urinary Tract Care; DL-Methionine, K-Cit-V (stones), Renal-K, Multistix Urinalysis, Epakitin, homeopet Leaks no More.
Weight Loss; homeopathic PetAg CatSlim.
Wormers; Profender (tape, hook, round in cats), Droncit (tapeworms in dogs  and cats), Drontal (tape, hook, round in cats and tape, hook, whip in dogs), Panacur  & Safegaurd (tape, hook, round and whip in dogs), Eqvalan & Parid EQ (horse).


Shop Jeffers Pet Products <a href=Today!” width=”120″ height=”600″ />
The Jeffers site is highly recommended by most of our associates. This site is easy to use, offers a lot of “fun” pet products as well as products used by professionals. Great deals and promotions 
Grooming Products; nail trimmers, rotary nail file, nail files, styptic power, nail polish & remover. Brushes &  Combs, FURminator deShedder, electric clippers, grooming kits, Laxatone (cats & ferrets).
Accessories; Pill Pockets,
beds, feeding supplies, apparel, carriers, doors, dog house, eCollar, feeding syringes and regular syringes, needles, poop scoops & bags, dog travel gear, cat furniture & scratching posts, pet
memorials, health records.
Allergy Relief; Homeopathic Nose Relief, Skin & Sebboreah, Skin & Itch.
Anxiety Relief; Homeopet Anxiety.
Dental Care; dental chew toys, Greenies, Petrodex Treats, Petrodex Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Petrodex Glove. dental float (horse).
Ear Care; Pet Scope, ear net (horse), Homeopathic Ear Wash.
Eye Care; Terramycin (highly recommended), Terralube Eye Ointment, Petvision eye drops, Dog Sunglasses, Clear Eyes & Equivision, eye lube (horses).
First Aid; wound & trauma  pack, activated  charcoal, cotton roll,
Provodine Iodine (highly recommended), suture material, needle holder & scissors, Clotisol, stethoscope, bandage scissors, Blue Lotion, Formula V Enteral Care, Tri Care, Horse First Aid Kit, flavored aspirin, thermometer. Homeopathic Healing Cream & First Aid Cream.
Fly Control; collars, automatic aerosol, traps. Horses; sprays & wipes, sheets, boots, collars, leg bands, mask, feed additives, EquiSpot.
Skin Care; Homeopathic Skin & Seborrhea, Skin & Itch.
Toys; Nylabone, Kong, cat & horse Toys (yes, horses like to play as well)
Training Aids;
bark control, training collars, Training Clicker, Portable Relief System, agility set, Pee Pads & Holder (disposable &  reusable), crates & pens, Bitter Apple, dog diapers.
Urinary Tract Care; Homeopet Leaks no More.
Weight Loss; Dog Slim, Trim Treats Feline.
Wormers; Primex Canine & Nemex (round & hook), Piperazine Cat (round), Horse Dewormers.
Bird Supplies
Reptile Supplies
*Along with the regular flea & tick preventatives, Jeffers also offers the following; Flea Zapper Comb, Flea Trap, Pet Bed Repel-a-Flea, Homeopathic Bugbite & DeFlea Shampoo, Preventic Collar, Tick-Off Tool.
*Identification; HomeAgain Microchip & Scanner, Tattoo Set for small animals. Also ID methods for Large Animals.
*Nutrition & Treats; Natural Balance, Formula V.
*Vaccinations; Dog, Puppy, Cat, Kitten, Horse and Livestock.
*Geriatric Care; Steps & Ramps, Diapers. 

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Grooming Products; nail trimmers, rotary nail file, nail files, styptic power. Brushes &  Combs, electric clippers.
Accessories; Beds, feeding supplies, apparel, carriers, doors, dog house, eCollar, feeding syringes and regular syringes, poop scoops & bags, dog travel gear, cat furniture.
Training Aids; Wee Wee Pads, Crates & Pens, Gates, Pet-Urine Locator, Stain & Oder Remover, Dog Diapers, Dog Harness, Dog Muzzle, collars & leashes.
Treats; Homeopathic Gourmet Select & All Natural No Grains. 
Fish & Pond Supplies
Bird Supplies
Small Pet Supplies
Reptile Supplies

125% Price Match Guarantee

Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventatives. 
Prescription, OTC and homeopathic medications.
Dental products.
Diabetic Supplies; glucometer, Humilin, Insulin-R, Lantus.
Ear Care; Corium Ear Cleaner, Ilium Ear Drops, Vedco Ear with Aloe Vera, Vedco Swimmers Ear, Animax, Optimmune, Xalatan.
Eye Care; Angles’ Eyes, Clear Eyes for Dogs & Cats, Tears Naturale.
Bone, Joint & Muscle Care; Glycoflex, Glucosamine Powder, Duralactin (geriatric), Previcox, Robaxin, NaturVet Joint Health.
Wormers; Droncit (tape), Panacur, Profender, Revolution, Safeguard, Zimecterin, Drontal.



Pet Supplies

You name it, Amazon has it. CharityVote Donations apply to all products purchased directly from
Amazon (not including electronics).
 This wireless dog fence system allows you to create an instant circular or  custom-shaped fence that covers up to a 400 foot radius. It is quick and easy  to install (1 hr), portable and requires no digging.  The collar’s default setting is Tone Only (auditory correction). But has other settings as well. 
The Havahart Wireless Dog Fence has a 10-year warranty and a 30-day-return policy.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance can make state-of-the-art medical treatment and/or traumatic emergency care possible for many pet owners who might otherwise  not be able to afford it.    -Good Housekeeping-

Factors to consider when deciding if Pet Insurance makes sense for You and Your Pet; Yearly Veterinary Care Expenditures. Your Pet’s Age, Health, and Lifestyle Risk Factors. Your Pet’s Breed; genetic disposition to certain conditions.

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