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When my daughter’s dog Scout (6-year-old Papillon mix) was diagnosed with lymphoma last year, our whole family was devastated. The vet told us that he might have 4 months to live if we didn’t treat the cancer with chemotherapy and medication. She also told us that the treatment would cost about $3500.
We did not have the funds available to fight the cancer this way.

This is my little girl’s baby. How was I going to tell her that we couldn’t afford the treatments to make her baby better? How was I going to tell her that he was going to die soon?

I spent the next days searching the Internet for help. I was desperate to find a solution other than the only option that we could afford: euthanasia.

To my surprise there are hundreds of products available to treat your dog as an alternative to the traditional chemotherapy and medication. One product in particular caught my eye — The Dog Cancer Survival Guide; Beyond Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation.

This book stands out from the other ‘affordable’ treatment options because it is written by a licensed and practicing Veterinarian, Dr. Demian Dressler. He graduated from Cornell University and has over a decade of experience in treating dog cancer.


The book offers a full spectrum approach that goes beyond chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It walks you through all the alternatives for treatments, diets and support. He also emphasizes the importance of “Loving Your Dog” — but that was already a “given” for us!! Dr. Dressler explains the causes and preventative measures, as well. How to keep your dog away from toxic substances (carcinogens) often found in food preservatives, commercial dog food and other processed foods. He discusses the issue of vaccinating your dog to often and vitamin deficiencies and also compares traditional treatments with the cutting-edge treatments (for those who can afford them).

We were able to create our own full-spectrum cancer-care plan personalized for Scout. Scout has his own dog food that I make for him, based on recommended dosage to weight ratios in accordance to the guide. The ingredients are affordable and available at the regular food-store; apigenin (reduces tumors), garlic and broccoli (boost his health) and other plant-based supplements mixed with a lean, high quality protein. We’ve implemented an exercise program and apply massage therapy. We visit the community support site (membership is included when you download the book online) to chat with people who are going through the same things we are. And we receive the email newsletter “Dog Cancer News” with the latest breaking news about dog cancer.

Scout’s lymph nodes started getting smaller after 7 weeks from the start of his personalized cancer-care plan. The cancer was gone after 8 months and it has been one year since he was first diagnosed with cancer. We realize that lymphoma has a high rate of recurrence after 2 years and there for keep him on his cancer-care plan indefinitely.

We are so grateful to Dr. Dressler for making this book available to us.

Please, if you are as overwhelmed and desperate as I was with your dog suffering from cancer, spend the $37 to download the ebook: The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, and save your dog!!! Or first watch this interview with Dr. Dressler (click here).

Thank you for letting me share our story with you. It gives our family great joy and satisfaction, knowing that we can help your family.  I know you are probably thinking, this is to good to be true. Because that is exactly what I was thinking when I was desperately trying to find an alternative to putting Scout to sleep. I took the risk, and Scout is still with us, to live another day…

If you still have any doubts, please contact me at any time.

I will be right here to help you through this difficult time, just leave your comments, questions or concerns in the comment box below. You can also purchase this guide elsewhere, but you will miss out on the one-on-one correspondence with someone who has made it successfully through this difficult time.

-Becky Cogan, VT

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We knew that we could not afford the expensive medical treatments for Scout, so we looked into the different pet insurance options for our other dog, Coda. We never want to find ourselves in the situation again, in which we can not offer our dog the medical care he needs our deserves. We were surprised to learn that pet insurance is very affordable (unlike human health insurance). We can’t get coverage for Scout due to his pre-existing medical condition. We DO have our other dog, Coda, insured for only $12.00 per month, to cover life’s unfortunate and unexpected events. We got the best deal here:  Embrace Pet Insurance

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