Letter to Governor Nixon

Dear Governor Nixon,

Please except this petition signed by concerned citizens of Missouri and the Nation, who do not want changes made to the current Proposition B “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act”. Take the comments submitted along with this petition to heart while making your final decision to pass or veto HB 131.

The citizens of Missouri (we) who voted in favor of Prop B, did in fact realize the ramifications this law would have on the breeding community. We do realize that under this law, Missouri will produce fewer puppies and therefore hopefully not be the puppy-mill state of the nation. We do realize that under this law, breeding dogs will no longer be a lucrative business. And we also realized that this law will provide dogs and puppies with the veterinary medical attention and living conditions they need and deserve.

The citizens of Missouri who voted in favor of Prop B, also realize that these basic rights and necessary regulations will be taken away when HB 131 is passed. Veto this bill and allow the dogs used for breeding to have basic humane rights and the citizens of Missouri to have basic voting rights.

Thank you for your time,

Pamela Haffner, RVT & Petition Signers.


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